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  • Perfect Lighting Service System

    We always adhere to the orientation for creating core value of customers and are dedicated to meet clients requirements, even exceeding clients expectation, by technology, products, design and service.

    Demand Analysis

    Understand the designer's expression and intention of the lighting scheme, evaluate the completeness and feasibility of the effect

    Design Development

    Combined with architectural form, parameter requirements, installation conditions and other directional design and development

    Secondary Detailing

    The collected data were analyzed and compared, and the product parameters were modified and adjusted to improve the performance

    System Scheme

    According to the design scheme and the actual situation on the site, the control system architecture can be customized with compatibility, expansion, feedback and other functions according to the special needs of the project

    Sample Confirmed

    According to the instruction to make equal-scale sample section, as the evaluation acceptance standard, all-round performance of its authenticity

    Tracking on the site

    Guide and train the construction personnel on wiring, installation, debugging and troubleshooting of various construction hazards, and give written feedback on the progress of the day


    Integrated designers, owners of the program effect opinions, through professional multimedia software production play lighting effect

    Scheduled Maintenance

    Rapid response to the use of unit repair mechanism, regular return visit maintenance


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